Til the Sun Comes Up — September 14, 2015 at 1:10 pm

Bubbles and Bites



IMG_2453If you’ve ever been to Fashion Week before, then you know it’s chock full of events, leaving you exhausted and running around all over the city. So when I was invited to Bubbles and Bites for a midday reprieve, I couldn’t refuse. Hosted by Sara Lehman of Somm in the City (and also a contributor to Manhattan with a Twist!) and Yolanda Shoshana, a wine ambassador, writer and sex expert, the event served as the launch for The Savory Side by Somm in the City, a private chef and pairings cooking company. The event took place at the Chelsea Wine Vault and featured an array of bubbles (champagnes.  cavas and sparkling wines), each paired with a different delicious treat.

To start, attendees wandered from station to station, trying the different pairings. Some of our favorites included the Brown Sugar Bacon Wrapped Melon paired with Champagne Tattinger Rosé, Cabot Sharp Cheddar French Dip Sandwiches paired with Côté Mas Crémant de Limoux Rosé Brut, and the amazing Nuts About Brie cupcakes (brie stuffed walnut cupcake with caramel buttercream) paired with Good in Bed Sparkling Wine. Each and every pairing was unique and tasty…from the savory to the sweet. After mixing and mingling (and eating and drinking), host Sara gave an upbeat and amusing overview of the wines and pairings at the event, while Yolanda went on to playfully discussing the sex appeal of bubbly.

The lighthearted afternoon event was the perfect way to break up the day and have fun, while learning about some fabulous wines. To learn more about Yolanda and Sara’s services, make sure to head to YolandaShoshana.com and SommintheCity.com!

Twisted Talk: Do you know a lot about different bubblies? What’s your favorite champagne? Sparkling wine? Discuss below!

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