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Kazza Wine Bar Heats Up Washington Heights



Discovering new and swanky wine bars is my favorite pastime when the fall season hits NYC. I like to think of myself as a wine connoisseur, but the truth is there’s always more to learn when it comes to wine. So I heard about a new bar in Washington Heights. I know what you’re thinking. Washington Heights is a neighborhood that is not usually known for wine bars, but Kazza Wine Bar is looking to change all of that.

Co-owned by Jose Reyes and Emanuel Nuñez, Kazza is a cozy spot only seating about twenty people. They offer a delectable assortment of cheeses and lite bites. My advice is try everything! But if you must chose, the Empanadas and the Goat Cheese & Bacon Flatbread are the favorites of the regulars. Yes, they already have a few regulars.

kazza-wine-bar-1      kazza-charcuterie

The wine menu is quite extensive. They serve over 20 different brands of wine from all over the world. Some of the list will be seasonal. For the sangria lovers, Kazza also makes both red and white sangria. It’s a favorite among regulars and I must say, phenomenal. They didn’t leave out the beer drinkers, either, Kazza offers a fine selection of craft beers and ciders. You can also order a wine based cocktail, if the mood strikes. The staff is very helpful. If you’re new to wine drinking, they can assist you with pairings and specials.

kazza-food     kazza-wine-bar

The décor at Kazza seems familiar and new all at the same time. The granite bar is the eyepiece when you first walk in. A large wine rack filled with bottles and bottles takes up the entire back wall. There are small but familiar eclectic pieces of art hanging on the wall. You feel as if you can sit for hours and catch up with friends. So whether you’re are an intermediate sipper or new to the art, Kazza is a great place to check out. You just might find yourself becoming a regular guest.

Twisted Talk: What’s the last wine bar you went to in the city? What’s your go to spot in Washington Heights? Discuss below!

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