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Burger and Lobster 2.0



Back in 2015 Burger and Lobster opened up shop in Chelsea to much success. The premise was simple: for $20, you could choose between a burger, lobster roll or lobster. And the equation was so popular that they’ve now opened up a new location in Bryant Park, and it’s bigger and better than the original. Patrons of the restaurant enter through an outdoor walkway covered in greenery and will be welcomed by a whole new look inside.


Much more charming and cozy, the two-floor restaurant is huge, but makes you feel right at home. Plus, the menu, like the venue, has expanded (even at the original location). You can start your meal with Burger or Lobster Bites, which are pastry shell-filled with, you guessed it, either burger or lobster. But now, instead of just three entree options, guests have five different burger options, four lobster rolls options, and even gigantic combos, which could feed an army (or just a table of friends). We opted for the BBQ Pork Burger, which included hand-pulled pork in homemade bbq sauce with pickles and onions on a 6 oz. burger. It was hearty for sure and we gobbled the whole thing up.


We also tried the Original Lobster Roll, tossed in Japanese mayo with chives. This was a great lobster roll and definitely our favorite of the night. Other options include the Seven Samurai (lobster meat with ginger-infused mayo, cucumbers, scallions, Napa cabbage, sesame seeds and togarashi sprinkles), the Fiesta (a spicy version of the original with chipotle mayo, corn, white cabbage, red bell peppers and pico de gallo), and the Lobster Po Boy (crusted corn meal lobster with a spicy remoulade, lettuce, tomato and homemade pickles). Each entree comes with a side salad and fries.



And if all that isn’t enough to fill you up, they also offer Chocolate Mousse and Strawberry Cheesecake Mousse for dessert. And did we mention that their cocktails and mocktails aren’t half bad either! All in all, this new iteration of Burger and Lobster is much more charming and much more satisfying.
Twisted Talk: Have you been to either of Burger & Lobster’s NYC locations? What did you think? Discuss below!

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