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Luke’s Lobster Warms Up This Winter

Luke’s Lobster is a staple in New York City. Since it first opened in the East Village back in 2009, it has grown to have multiple locations, not only in New York, but across the country. The restaurant is known for serving up sustainable Maine-style seafood dishes, and we are big fans. Their Midtown East location hosted us to try […]

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You Don’t Need to be a Tourist to Check Out Ellen’s Stardust Diner

Many a New Yorker has heard of the infamous Ellen’s Stardust Diner. Located in the heart of Times Square, it’s not ideally situated for a seasoned New Yorker who tends to avoid the crowded hub, but that’s no reason to miss out on the musical fare that tourists flock to. The retro 50’s themed diner attracts many out-of-towners to see […]

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Two New Lunch Spots to Check Out ASAP

Untamed Sandwiches The sophomore follow-up to its Midtown West flagship, the new Dumbo location seeks to bring flavor and style to this ultra-hip, start-up focused neighborhood. With cleverly named sandwiches built for all types of eaters, Untamed is a fun, satisfying way to chow down between the bread. Not crazy about bread? Don’t worry, the owners have got you covered. […]

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Make Lunch Great Again: Basmati Rice Bowls

With so much processed food in America, it can be challenging to find a healthy meal. One of my favorite types of cuisine is Indian, not only because it’s usually quite healthy, but it has an abundance of flavor. AMIRA is a producer and exporter of Indian food products, including oils, snacks, ready-to-eat meals, dairy products and basmati rice. Naturally, […]

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Celebrate the Harvest the Japanese Way at Robataya

A dojo in the middle of the East Village, Robataya ramps up the American ideal of Japan in a glittering commercial of a meal. Empty bottles of sake line the wood-paneled walls and the giant table in the entryway seats 24 and overtakes the room Fresh fish and vegetables are on display in baskets, and everything here, from mushrooms to […]

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Travel to Samui, It’s Only a Train Away

If you’ve ever seen Meet the Parents then you know that Koh Samui is an island off the coast of Thailand. Named after this island oasis, Samui, a new Brooklyn restaurant, dishes out Southeast Asian inspired fare in the midst of Fort Greene. Chef and owner A. Napadol brings a healthier version of Thai to the borough with a less […]

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Malt House Expands to its Slam Dunk of a Second Location

The owners of Malt House, a cozy neighborhood bar in Greenwich Village, have outdone themselves with their monolith of a second location in the Financial District. With Chef Armando Avila (formerly of STK and Five Napkin Burger) at the helm of both restaurants, this upscale dining experience elevates all of the reasons you loved the original location. The Financial District […]

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Top Concoctions at The Great Big Bacon Picnic

Bacon. It’s arguably one of the best foods on the planet. Vegetarians may disagree, but that’s only because they’re missing out. This past weekend, The Great Big Bacon Picnic took over the Old Pfizer Factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, giving New Yorkers more than just a taste of their favorite meat. The indoor/outdoor festival lucked out with a beautiful weather weekend, […]

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Elevate Your Palate and Your Status with Bordeaux and Caviar

Caviar, a food rich in both price and taste, is normally paired with champagne or vodka, two different beverages that are light and allow the caviar to do the heavy lifting. It was a wonderful experience to enjoy the same buttery richness of caviar with a more substantial glass of wine (or twelve) in hand. John Knierim, the Vice President […]

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Feel Energized ‘N Rested with the Help of Sundown Naturals Gummy Vitamins

I received this product for free from Smiley360 in exchange for my honest review. Being an adult doesn’t always mean giving up life’s little pleasures. Remember going into candy stores and stocking up on all your favorite sweets? Well now you can kind of do the same thing, but in a healthy way. Sundown® Naturals is a company that produces […]

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