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Elevate Your Palate and Your Status with Bordeaux and Caviar

Caviar, a food rich in both price and taste, is normally paired with champagne or vodka, two different beverages that are light and allow the caviar to do the heavy lifting. It was a wonderful experience to enjoy the same buttery richness of caviar with a more substantial glass of wine (or twelve) in hand. John Knierim, the Vice President […]

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Feel Energized ‘N Rested with the Help of Sundown Naturals Gummy Vitamins

I received this product for free from Smiley360 in exchange for my honest review. Being an adult doesn’t always mean giving up life’s little pleasures. Remember going into candy stores and stocking up on all your favorite sweets? Well now you can kind of do the same thing, but in a healthy way. Sundown® Naturals is a company that produces […]

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Giveaway: The End of Summer Just Got Better Thanks to Gourmet Gift Baskets

One of the things I really dislike is giving meaningless gifts. I search high and low to find friends and family something I truly believe they will enjoy. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone this summer, or just need an August pick-me-up, we have a delicious solution for you. is an e-commerce site that has options […]

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Grain-focused Pizzeria in NoMad is a Home Run

PN Wood Fire Pizza is the newest addition to the blossoming food scene north of Madison Square Park. PN stands for Pecore Nere, or black sheep, because this is a place where no one is afraid to stand out. Utilizing ancient grains, which are not refined nor enriched, is a cornerstone of the business model at PN. Each pizza is […]

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Gallow Green Rolls Out Shakespearean Cocktails + New Pizzas!

Perched atop the McKittrick Hotel that is best known for housing the theatrical production Sleep No More is a hidden gem called Gallow Green. Fauna and flora drape themselves across refurbished wooden beams, creating an air of rustic warmth that is not especially common in this part of the city. Executive Chef Pascal Leseach’s new menu features innovative pizzas and […]

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Hide Away at the Upper East Side’s 1633

As someone who reviews restaurants for a living, it’s always a wonderful treat when one really surprises you. Such is the case with recently opened 1633, located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. You won’t be able to sneak a peek inside, as small porthole-type windows guard against sidewalk rubberneckers. And instead of entering through the main dining room like most […]

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A Great Reason to Get Brain Freeze

Apparently July is National Ice Cream Month. Like Americans really need an excuse to indulge in ice cream. But we’ll go with the flow and have an extra pint or two (or three). And if you’re concerned that it’s almost August, think again. We’ve spent this month discovering awesome ice cream brands that you can get your hands on year […]

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Bagatelle Heats Up with a Prix Fixe Lunch

Have you ever wanted to sip rosé on a patio in Saint-Tropez or drink copious amounts of champagne with friends in the French Riviera? Well you can, sort of. Nestled away in the uber-chic area of the Meatpacking District sits the infamous Bagatelle. While not new to the neighborhood, since its reopening in 2012, the French bistro, which seats 95 […]

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A Midtown Gem: Bill’s Townhouse

This could just be one of my favorite new spots in town. Visiting Bill’s Townhouse is a wondrous delight…the recently reopened three story townhouse is like a museum, with old black and white photographs covering the walls, a library of leather bound books, and all the ambiance of a mid-1800’s speakeasy. If it weren’t for the delicious food, we’d spend […]

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Biscuits Are Vying for Their Rightful Spot in NYC

I haven’t met a person yet who doesn’t love indulging in a delicious, buttery biscuit every now and then. Luckily, Big Bottom Biscuit Bar of California fame has opened up shop at Osteria Cotta Monday through Friday from 7-2pm and weekends from 8-11pm. With so many niche restaurants and bars opening up all over the city, touting their own unique […]

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