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Get Strange with a Stranger Things Viewing Party



First came E.T., next came The Goonies, then there was Insidious. Put them all together and you get Stranger Things. The new Netflix series, which I swiftly binge watched thanks to Verizon FiOS, has quickly become a must-watch show, and if you haven’t seen it yet, you better get on it! It’s been renewed for a 2nd season!!

Whether you’ve already seen the show and want to prepare for next season or a newbie dying to see the new hit show, we’ve got great tips on how to throw a viewing party that even Barb would enjoy.


Start it off right with the perfect invitations. Engaging Invites is a website that allows you to send printed invitations in the mail (old school style is way more classy) that include screens inside that play video and sound. That’s right, you can include a show trailer or clips from the show in the invitation!  It is sure to entice your friends to get their butts to your party.


We also hit up Heather Booker of Motherhood in Hollywood for some amazing tips for during the party. First and foremost, stick with the ’80s theme. Make a pre-showing soundtrack with songs like ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go’ by The Clash.

via Vulture

via Vulture

Strings and strings of Christmas lights are a must. Hang them all around the party. Bonus points if you can get them to blink.

via  Pinterest

via Pinterest

Stock up on Ego Waffles. It’s only right to play ode to our favorite badass, Eleven. Spice them up by topping them with DIY ice cream sundaes.


Bring it back to your college days by providing a cooler full of beers and of course, shotgunning them. Just don’t peer pressure your friends into doing it or they might just encounter the Demogorgan.


Break out a Polaroid camera and snap party pics all night long!

Stranger Things

Stranger Things

Last but not least, if you’re really a true fan, get a haircut before the party. We love you Eleven!!!

Twisted Talk: Have you watched Stranger Things yet? Who’s your favorite character? Discuss below!

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