Girls' Night In — September 19, 2016 at 2:42 pm

Girls’ Night in: Cheddar, Beers and TV



Sometimes a girl just needs to kick back and relax with some cold brews and tasty snacks. During our quick binge of Netflix series Stranger Things, we rounded up some gal pals, snuggled up under some blankets (okay, that’s a lie. It was still sweltering outside.) and poured ourselves a cold one.


Thanks to Gourmet Gift Baskets, we tried some seasonal microbrews – one of which was Peak Organic Brewing Company‘s Summer Session Ale. This wheat beer combines citrus flavors with a hoppy, pale ale taste, making it great for pairing with some cheese. But before we whipped out the edibles, we opted to make the evening a little bit classier with Snowe‘s Pilsner Glass, which was the perfect vessel for our beer. The recently new glass is break-resistant, perfect for those clumsy friends or those that have a few too many. Plus, the glass’s sleek shape and design really ups your get togethers from ‘grabbing a bottle out of the cooler’ to something someone in their late-20’s can actually get behind. The glasses are dishwasher safe, ultra-clear, and clock in at only $48 for a set of four.




Alouette, one of our favorite cheese brands, recently launched a brand new collection of cheese spreads that boast three times more cheddar and bold new flavors. Sharp Cheddar is a definite staple for any girls’ night (what lady doesn’t like cheese?!), but new staples are Ranch Cheddar and Chipotle Cheddar. The chipotle, a little spicy, a little smokey, and a lot delicious, was a great combo with our Peak Organic brews. The ranch cheddar, which we tried atop Van’s Perfect 10 Crackers (so yummy), which are gluten-free, brought everyone’s favorite salad dressing to the snack realm. And we didn’t hate it! Each and every one of these flavors has their place in any girls’ night with their flavorful, creamy and easily-spreadable consistency. Cheese and crackers have never been so easy.




Twisted Talk: When was the last time you had a girls’ night in? What’s your favorite nighttime snack? Discuss below!



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