Bottoms Up, Girls' Night In — March 19, 2019 at 12:10 pm

Girls’ Night In with Strongbow Hard Cider


strongbow-ciderIt’s no secret that I love hard cider, it’s a great lighter option than beer and is always super refreshing. However, sometimes it’s hard to drink more than one. Although cider is delicious, it can often be overly sweet and that can really turn people off. At my recent book club, I brought out some of Strongbow Hard Cider‘s new 100-calorie slim cans, which come in a 12-can variety pack that’s perfect for parties. Here’s what I loved about this cider:

  • The taste! Honestly, I could have drank these bad boys all night long. I hate sweet drinks and these were all pretty dry.
  • The flavors. I tried three of the flavors that are available in the variety pack, including Rosé Apple, which is a great alternative to a glass of rosé, Original Dry, which was recently relaunched and honestly so good, and the new Dry Pear, which was maybe my favorite (it’s a close tie between Dry Pear and Original Dry). Plus, it’s enough variety to please everyone in your group.
  • Calorie content. For anyone who is tracking calories or trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, these ciders have a low calorie count, so it won’t derail all of your hard work.
  • Easy to drink. There’s no need to bring a bottle opener or bring out the bar cart for these, all you have to do is pop the tab and drink!

Strongbow Hard Cider 100 Cal Slim Cans

We had a great night sipping on these ciders and think you will, too. Let us know which flavor is your favorite!


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