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Here Come the Boys: Thrillist Gathers for the Best Day of Your Life


Photo Credit: Dobrin Marchev

The bros of NYC and their gal pals gathered on Saturday for what promised to be the best day of their lives.

Thrillist, the digital lifestyle website for men, held its second annual Best Day of Your Life (so… second best day of your life?) – a live gathering of the site’s readers and followers. The stakes were high as the throngs – bedecked in flip-flops, trucker hats and Wayfarer-esque #BDOYL sunglasses – met at Webster Hall to collect their passes and kick off the bar and restaurant crawl of the East Village.

Photo credit: Thrillist

Photo credit: Thrillist

Photo credit: Christos Katsiaouni

Photo credit: Christos Katsiaouni

All were given maps with 12 stops across the neighborhood, each with a different food and beverage on offer and, in the name of journalistic integrity, I set out on the culinary path to hedonism myself. Here’s where I stopped.

  1. Starving – and it being lunchtime – we started at The Nugget Spot, where bacon-coated nuggets with maple syrup dipping sauce were being debuted. The surreal set in as two men dressed as giant chickens did pliés out front.
  2. Thirsty after the salty, savory nuggets, we crossed the street to Beauty Bar, where the bizarre continued in earnest. Redhead cocktails, made with flavored vodka, sour mix, cassis and cranberry juice, were served alongside an Elvis impersonator, a photo booth, cotton candy and a little person in a tux. Sponsored by the City Of Las Vegas, it was a chance to experience your very own scene from The Hangover.
  3. We made our way down 2nd Ave. to Juke Bar, where BaoHaus pork buns (a personal fave) were served alongside Bourbon Barmaids, or alcoholic ginger beer, bourbon and mint in mason jars, Bacardi-themed World Cup paraphernalia and a magician trying his darndest.
  4. The next highlight was Jeepney, a Filipino gastro pub, where we had spring rolls and Tiki Punch (hibiscus liquor, strawberry liquor, chardonnay, rose wine and gin infused with lavender). This stop had the best atmosphere – and banging tunes (The Humpty Dance included).
  5. Somehow hungry again, we stopped by Empire Biscuit for drool-worthy pulled pork and slaw between biscuits, customized for Thrillist. I’ll definitely want to have this again.
  6. Double Wide was next with full-fat Coors (the best kind) and loaded tater tots.
  7. Percy’s Tavern, up Avenue A, boasted light beer and supposed pigs in a blanket (though we were too full to sample them). The biggest draw here was the Germany/Ghana World Cup game, as fans gathered in full face paint.
  8. Last on our personal tour was the coffee shop/speakeasy The Roost, where espresso old fashioneds were sipped alongside Insomnia cookies, perfectly gooey and the best way to round off the debaucherous day.

Other goings on included a pig roast and hard apple cider ice luges sponosered by Johnny Appleseed, Showtime’s Ray Donovan hosting a whiskey tasting at the Amsterdam Billiard Club and a Stoli dance party at The Brazen Fox. Joe’s Pizza had models delivering pizza, while cheerleaders gave out water.

Expectations were high, it being the Best Day of Your Life, and while that’s a lot to ask, it certainly was one of the more over-the-top, ridiculous days of my life. I love the idea of a website offering a live event like this and will keep my eyes peeled for future days of this ilk. What felt a little unnecessary was the sheer bro-iness of it all. We all love a little beer and tater tots once in a while, no need to make it about gender – and also no need for the babes. We’ll eat free pizza, whoever delivers it.

Twisted Talk: Does this sound like the best day of your life? Will you be checking out Thrillist’s future events? Discuss below! 

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