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Homebase Bistro Is Not Your Typical Murray Hill Bar



At first, when you walk into Homebase Bistro on 3rd avenue and 31st Street, you might think “I’ve been here before.” The space feels familiar, and in fact, it was formerly known as a bar called The Hill. The major difference within this newly renovated space, apart from the branding, is the food. All the famous hits of a class bar menu are here (wings, burgers, sliders, and tots), but there’s a delightful mix of additional, unorthodox bar food that elevates the menu to a higher level.

As far as liquor goes, the typical cocktail list gets a facelift, as well. Almost every type of liquor is infused regularly and utilized in house cocktails.

The playlist, decor, and the decorative collection of Jordan sneakers dangling from the ceiling all contribute to a creative, cool vibe that helps Homebase stand out in a neighborhood inundated with bars that cater to the twenty-something crowd.

Here’s what we ate:

General Tso’s Cauliflower


I thought I’d sate my (unusual) craving for a vegetable by ordering this dish. Contrary to most vegetable appetizers in bars, like the sad celery on the side of wings, this dish was wonderful. Just the right amount of crunchy, salty, and sweet, the flavors came together really nicely, and was a great way to start this meal.



Is this not why you are here?? It is a sports bar, after all. Like most wing-related menu items these days, an assortment of sauces are at your disposal for smothering delicious, meaty chicken parts. We sampled some with OG Buffalo sauce, as well as a more adventurous citrus thai peanut, and both were excellent. I do have to say these were some of the crispiest wings I’ve had of late, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Homebase Burger


Just your run of the mill bar burger is elevated by the addition of caramelized onions, sweet, leathery bacon, and a fluffy brioche bun. Fried pickles add an extra crunch, and the short-rib and brisket blend is enhanced by the real burger MVP, cheddar cheese.

Crispy Tater Tots

Do you like tater tots in all their crispy, crunchy glory? Do you eat them in a sauce, and do you eat them with your boss? Then these. Are. For. You.

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