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Shopping for Father’s Day Made Easy


Father’s Day is getting closer and closer. If, like me, you find shopping for your pop to be extremely difficult, you probably spend days googling gift ideas prior to the big holiday. Think a little bit outside of the box this year, with some of our great gift options for dad!


For the beer loving dad, think a little outside the box this year. Boardwalk Food Company is known for its delicious beer bread mixes ($7.99), which are perfect for dad this year. The super easy mixes won’t intimidate the kitchen-fearing pop – all you do is pick your favorite beer, add to the mix, and bake! The result is mouthwatering bread, reminiscent of a buttery scone, with the awesome, subtle taste of your chosen beer. Additionally, the mixes come in four flavors — original, lemon poppy seed, rosemary sea salt and cornbread. This is way better than a six-pack of Bud.


For the dad that has everything and would rather spend his special day amongst loved ones, get dad a cruise on Manhattan by Sail. The fun cruise line offers a wide variety of different sails, which take you up close and personal to the Statue of Liberty and show off the gorgeous views of the Hudson River. Some of their options include a Whiskey Tasting Sail, Craft Beer Tasting Sail (June 21st at 12pm; use code MBSDAD15 for 15% off), Lobster & Beer Sail and Jazz Sail Wednesdays at 9:45pm (use code MBSDAD15 for 15% off). Pick your poison and note the discount code is valid through June 22nd.


Beard Buddy is well known for its awesome men’s grooming products and their Beard Oil ($24) come highly recommended. For a pop with facial hair, this oil comes packed with natural ingredients and a warm, woodsy scent, perfect for hydrating any manly man. Made with grapeseed oil, fractionated coconut oil, vitamin E and a blend of top secret essential oils, with could just have your dad singing a whole new tune.


Keep family tradition going with Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia ($150). The tequila-loving dad will adore this expression, which marks the 20th anniversary since the first release of Reserva, which was created to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Cuervo company. The tequila is the world’s first extra-añejo twquila, hand selected from the family’s private collection. Each bottle is made using only blue agave harvest at its peak maturity after seven to twelve years growing in the field and aged in French and American oak barrels for at least three years. The bottle comes inside a wooden box designed by artist Enrique Rosas, making it a truly special gift.


Summer is the time of year when you can enjoy the freshest lobster around. Now, for the first time. Kennebunk Inn is selling their famous lobster roll nationwide, in partnership with FoodyDirect. The iconic Maine lobster destination is offering a few of its prime lobster dishes, including Deluxe Lobster Pot Pies ($115 f or 2), Kennebunk Inn Lobster Roll Kit ($135 for 4) and Lobster White Truffle Pizza ($84.95 for 2). Score dad the ultimate lobster fiesta with one or all of these Maine favorites.



Harry’s, known for bringing a good shave to men at affordable prices, is a great place to shop for dad this Father’s Day. One of their most popular products is the Truman Shave Set ($15), which includes one Truman razor handle, one foaming shave gel, three German engineered blade cartridges and one travel blade cover. Their razors’ precision-angled blades and ergonomic handle design provide an easy and comfortable shave, while the hydrating foaming gel creates a generous lather and uses natural ingredients to soothe and hydrate the skin. Plus, Harry’s gives 1% of all of their sales to City Year’s New York chapter.


Most father’s I know love a good ol’ bbq. Make grilling this summer that much better with Gourmet Gift Baskets’ Barbecue Boss Grilling BBQ Gift Basket ($69.99). The flavorful basket comes with an array of bbqing essentials, including Sriracha Teriyaki Sauce (by Stonewall Kitchen), Beef & Burger Rub (by Urban Accents), Touch O’Heat BBQ Sauce (by Rufus Teague), Spicy Peri Peri & Lemon Veggie Roaster (by Urban Accents), and some snacks to nosh on while you’re grilling — Roasted & Salted Peanuts (by J&R Gourmet) and Chichester Snack Mix (by Merrimack Valley Snack Company). The total package will ensure that no bbq turns out bland.

Twisted Talk: Do you have a hard time shopping for dad? Which of these gifts do you think your father would like the most? Discuss below!

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