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SoHo Goes French at La Siréne

via The Infatuation

via The Infatuation

Having dined at Le Village not too long ago, where my taste buds had a dance party from all of the wonderful flavors, it’s safe to say that I was happily looking forward to checking out another restaurant helmed by Chef Didier Pawlicki. La Siréne, another classic French restaurant, is located in SoHo, and is a charming, intimate space with dark wood, two dining rooms, and classic bistro-style seating.


The menu has a few overlaps with Le Village, so you can score a few of your favorites from the East Village hub, however, don’t forget to branch out and try the unfamiliar items on the menu. As much as I wanted more of the outstanding French Onion Soup I had tried at Le Village, I opted instead for the Tartelette de Chèvre Frais aux Echalottes, Truffes, Raisins Confit et Voile de Vieux Gruyère, aka a baked goat cheese tart, which was made with shallots, truffles, grape and covered in a veil of 180 days aged swiss cheese. A very cheesy and heavier appetizer than others on the menu, this was a delicious start to the evening; the sweetness of the grapes embedded in the tart helped to balance the strong cheese flavors.


Picking an entree proved to also be a challenge, as there were so many tasty sounding options. After much debate, I went with the Onglet Poêlée, à la Luchonaise, a butter only seared hangar steak with roasted garlic and parsley, which is a signature dish and not found anywhere else in the city. I fancy myself a bit of a steak connoisseur, as its one of my favorite foods and this one was so flavorful and equally unique, plus, it was cooked to perfection. One of the things I loved about this restaurant was that each entree comes with a side of four vegetables (one for two people). We enjoyed a combination of butternut squash, pureed carrots, cauliflower, and chayote, which were nice accompaniments to the meal. My fellow diners enjoyed an array of other dishes ranging from lamb chops to roasted pear with blue cheese and tournedos rossini (filet mignon topped with foie gras in a red wine truffle sauce; a signature dish) to escargots. The evening was rounded out with a round of desserts fit for a king, with options such as sorbets, profiteroles, and strawberry tart all hitting the spot.

Chef Didier has created a jovial and inviting atmosphere in La Siréne as he zooms from table to table, chatting and joking with his customers and doling out recommendations. If you find yourself shopping in SoHo, make it a point to take a break for a meal at this French restaurant if you want a flavorful and decadent meal you won’t forget.

Twisted Talk: Have you dined at La Siréne before? What was your favorite dish? Discuss below!


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