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The Silver Ships: A New Space Adventure by S.H. Jucha



While I read novels from every genre, I don’t remember the last time that I was so entertained and immersed in a sci-fi series. The Silver Ships by S.H. Jucha, was a welcome read because it was just plain entertaining. The author rolled out a whole new world for us and all we had to do was read and follow along.

In this space adventure we are introduced to an explorer tug captain, that while very astute and socially inept, is thrust into an adventure that will change his life. This novel demonstrates how technology can improve, but also destroy a race, which is relevant today as well. Captain Alex Racine has a very solitary daily routine with only Tara, his bridge computer, to speak to. When Minister Drake is trying to gather information on the type of person Captain Alex Racine is, he goes to Captain Racine’s university advisor who explains Alex in a nutshell: “you have on your hands a socially inexperienced genius with a proclivity for helping others…I can tell you this, you should under no circumstance cajole or order him. He can be very stubborn when confronted, especially if the pressure comes from a position of authority or privilege” (pg. 61). This quote encompasses who Alex Racine is for the characters in the book and for the readers. As we read through the novel, we begin to see how stubborn he can be, but also how helpful and empathetic he can be.

When confronted with an AI ship that has been attacked Alex finds out that only a few out of hundreds survived the attack he immediately springs into action. Putting his life as risk, he is able to help the Meridiens repair their ship to return home. Finding out that the Meridiens are also human settlers like Alex and his people, he realizes that they have a lot in common. Technology plays a big part in the survival of the Meridiens and the New Terrans (Alex’s people), because the Meridiens exchange their technology for help to return back home. Not only does Alex help repair and weaponize their ship, but he also becomes the Captain of the ship and the Meridiens quickly look to him with as much respect as if he was a Meridien himself. After repairing the ship, they now have to look through all the possible outcomes when they all return home.

The great thing about this sci-fi space adventure is that you are instantly drawn in. The novel doesn’t start off with a big bang, but the first few pages we get to see experience and read about how a usual day for Alex goes. The author does a great job in giving us background information and necessary details at the right moment. The first book gives us a nice intro into what is in store for the Meridiens and their human cousins the New Terrans. If book one is the intro, then we should definitely have action in the second book, and that is something that I am looking forward to!

If you are interested on being a part of this space adventure, make sure to check out S.H. Jucha’s website to be kept up to date on the latest installments to this sci-fi series. The novel is available at Amazon in paperback and as an e-book. I also had a chance to read the follow up to Silver Ships and I can attest to the fact that this is a series that should be on your to-read list.

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